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October Newsletter

Half Term Holiday

Closed 24th October

Re Open 31st October



Our forthcoming exams will take place on 17th October, we cannot work on the timetable until all fees have been paid, the closing date for all exams fees is 3rd October  fees paid after this date will mean your child will have to wait until the next session to take their exam.


Operating during Covid

Thank you for your continued support during this strange time, but can we remind everyone that we are running to strict guidelines and the measures we have in place must be adhered to:


•Please remember to drop your child off at the door and not come into the building until a staff member is there.

•If you wish to purchase anything from the shop please make an appointment, or email with details and we can fit your child out with the required uniform and bank transfers can be made.

•Tiddly Tots classes only one adult per child must attend, and classes must be paid for one week in advance to secure your place.

•Anyone who does enter the building must use the hand sanitiser provided.

•Masks must be worn if you do come into the shop.

•If your child is symptomatic any covid symptoms, please do not bring them to class until they have been tested with a negative result.

•As schools have gone back some children have had to isolate due to confirmed cases in there school year, if your child is having to isolate we are able to offer a live link through zoom to their class, please get in touch and let us know and we will include them in the lesson so they do not miss out.




Cold Weather

As part of the special measures in place we must keep the windows open during class to get a good airflow into the building, obviously during the winter months this will be cooler than normal, students will be allowed to wear dance school hoodies over crossovers to keep warm.  We will make sure that the dance studios are at a suitable temperature so students can still enjoy their classes.

It is lovely to see our students back in class along with some new faces, class work is progressing nicely, and everyone is working very hard, fingers crossed this will continue whilst we do our best to keep everybody safe as we go into the winter months.