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November Newsletter 2020


COVID-19 2nd lockdown closure

As per government instructions, we must go into lockdown from Thursday 5th November – 2nd December, we will be running this week our classes on Tuesday and Wednesday only and then be forced to lockdown.  As this is a shorter lockdown (hopefully) I will not be running the zoom classes as we did last time for several reasons, mainly the lack of interest and constantly failing internet connection during zoom classes.  I have however spent a lot of time today making the google classrooms available with all the syllabus content for each grade in Ballet & Tap details how to access this are below. Some classes such as musical theatre, and street dance however do not have this facility and we sadly will have to wait until we can resume classes again in December.


November standing orders have been paid now so we will be working out these once again ( for those who did manage to have classes at the beginning of November and into December) please do not pay your December fees as November fees will most likely cover the few lessons we will have in December before Christmas closures and possibly into January, please be patient as we have a lot of working out to do!


We were lucky enough to be able to get our students through exams from the overdue session we should have had in April, we are still awaiting the results for these and we will let you know as soon as we receive them.  Unfortunately, now after only just booking and putting our second exam wheels in motion, we will now have to wait until further notice from head office when we can rebook the planned session.  Please take into consideration the 4 weeks we will be closed, plus Christmas and the back log of exam sessions for the IDTA that this lockdown will cause.  Whilst students can practice at home with the syllabus from google classrooms, they will not be at full fitness and exam prep ready which we can only provide in the studio.  But!... they will take them albeit later than planned!  If you have paid your child’s exam fees recently, these will be frozen until we are able to go ahead as planned.

Google Classrooms

Each of our students will be invited by email later this week to join the google classrooms, this can be accessed at any time to practice, it may also be a good idea to stick to the class times that younger children would normally come to dance class to keep their routine in place. Please check your email for the invite and also note that those who already have an account with their senior day school cannot use their school account for our classrooms, this has to be done with your own Gmail account.


A note from Mrs G…

I will be answering emails and fb messages for any questions you may have during the lockdown.  

After spending so much time putting special measure into place and just getting the school on an even keel again, this has been yet another blow for both the running of the school and the general moral of both staff and pupils, I have had many kind messages already sending good wishes and telling me how upset their children are that we have had to close once again.  It is these messages and the constant support from my students, families and staff that keep me going and I would like to thank you for all the support and ask you to please support the arts by signing petitions you may see on social media, for dance schools and theatres to open as quickly as they can, we are not just an activity/after school club, we teach life-long skills, sometimes leading to professional vocations, friendships and a love for the arts, with guaranteed proof of many of our students taking up professional roles and former students returning to classes with their children, so your help in petitions is vital.


Lets hope that we are able to return on the 2nd December as we have been told, I am sure the time will pass very quickly (as usual) in the meantime I look forward to this weeks Tuesday and Wednesday classes as usual and cannot wait to see everyone again in December.


Please stay safe and look after yourselves.


Christine Goode