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DanceGradeCostume, Shoes & Hair


1st Half


We've come so farShowbiz TeamMuti colour shift dresses, shimmer tights jazz shoes


WingsAdv 1 Ballet Grey Dresses from last year, ballet shoes, shimmer tights


Let's get ready to rumble Junior Street Dance Red pants, & Jacket, white t shirt, black jazz shoes/pumps, 2 french plaits


The Waltzing CatGrade 4 & 5 BalletRoyal Blue Tutus, tights, Ballet shoes, Bun


We love to boogieGrade 1 Tapmixed Skirt & Show t shirt hair in bunches with ribbons


Rich Mans FrugShowbiz TeamRed Dresses, Shimmer tights, character shoes, pony tail


A thousand yearsContemporaryBlue Sparkly Dress, bare legs half up half down hair


When I grow UpTues Prep/Primary Ballet Lilac/Blue Leo & petal skirt, ballet tights, Ballet shoes, Bun


Ice Ice BabyBeginners Street DanceBlack leggings, Dollar Tshirt, black jazz shoes/pumps, 2 french plaits


Daddy CoolSenior JazzJai Ho top & Bottoms,  black jazz shoe, red headband


Green eggs & hamGrade 3 TapGold Dresses, shimmer tights, black tap shoes


Mary had a little lambBabies - Sat classLittle Dresses, white ankle socks,Ballet shoes, hats, low bunches


The SnakeSilver JazzLeotard with middle out, black leggings, black jazz shoe, high pony tail


I Whistle a happy tuneSat Prep/Primary Ballet Ballet dress given, ballet tights, ballet shoes hair in Bun


ThornbirdsGrade 2 BalletBlack Ballet dress, ballet tights, ballet shoes, hair in bun


A little swingIntermediate TapMulti coloured sequin dress, shimmer tights, black tap shoes hair up



2nd Half


Somethings got a hold Senior JazzGreen Sparkly dress, shimmer tights, character shoes, headband


Bump the elephantTues Pre/pri TapSafari Suits, white t shirt, long white socks, hat, silver tap shoes


PoisonSenior Street DanceMixed costumes from past discussed in class


Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit!Babies WedBurgundy Leotard & Pink Skirt, white ankle socks, ears, ballet shoes, bun


Do your ears hang low?Sat Prep TapBlue & White Spot dungarees, white t shirt, white ankle socks, tap shoes, high bunches


Come togetherSeniors TapPurple Dresses & Short set, shimmer tights, black tap shoes


The Alley CatTuesday JazzCat Costume, ears, black jazz shoes, bun


It’s the Trunch! ShowbizGold Suits, shimmer tights, black jazz shoes, bun


Revolting Children Musical Theatre School uniform dress, shimmer tights, long white knee socks, black jazz shoes


A whole new world G1 Ballet mixed coloured ballet dresses, ballet tights, ballet shoes, bun


Oh that man!Adv 1 BalletPink Tutus, gloves, feathers, tights, pointe shoes, bun


Pure ImaginationG3 Ballet Blue ballet dresses, ballet tights, ballet shoes, bun


Prima DonnaInter Ballet Red dresses, ballet tights, point shoes, bun


Upside downG 2 Tap black & white spot skirt, leotard, silver top, tap shoes bunches


Dancing foolG4 & 5 Tap Silver & Black dresses, shimmer tights, tap shoes, ponytail


SkyFallFrances WadeSkyfall Dress


FinaleFull Cast Black leggins & Tshirts, black shoes hair ponytail





Final Details for 30th Anniversary Show.

Due to the limited time we have in the theatre and unlike our other shows we will be running the dress rehearsal on the same day as the first performance (18th January). Below are times we need your child to be at The Glusburn Institute prompt and ready to start dress rehearsal on Saturday 18th January.

Please note below there are two times for children’s arrival we are aiming to limit the time needed for the younger end of the school.

Please read and make a note of the following details, it is essential that everyone arrives at their specified times to enable the smooth running of the show.


Q. Where is the show to be held?

A. Glusburn Institute Theatre, Glusburn, Colne Road BD20 8PJ


Q. Is there a car park?

A. Yes there is a car park at the theatre and additional parking on nearby streets.




Q. What costume and dance shoes does my child have to where?

A. Full details of all costumes, shoes and hair styles required will follow this letter in due course.


Dress Rehearsal/ Show Performance Saturday 18th January


Q. What are the dress rehearsals?

A. This is the full run through of the show for all cast, stage crew, theatre technicians and chaperones, all students must bring all their costumes, shoes, tights, and hair accessories to the theatre on this day.  It is vital that everything is named and in a clear plastic box with your child’s name on and that all costumes are hung on hangers.


Q. How many rehearsals at the theatre are there and do we have to come?

A. There is one rehearsal at the theatre on Saturday 18th January from 3pm.


Q. Can they leave costumes & belongings at the theatre?

A. Yes costumes must stay at the theatre and everything will be locked up safe.  Important! - If your child has been loaned a costume from the dance school, we will collect them back in at the theatre on Sunday when they have finished the last show.  


Q. Can I bring snacks and entertainments for my child?

A. Please bring water only in plastic bottles, a packed tea (No chocolate please) books and low value quiet games only please to keep your child entertained between dances (although there will be plenty for them to see and do).


Q. What time do we have to be at the theatre on Dress Rehearsal/Performance day?

A. We have highlighted what time your child will need to be at the theatre on Saturday18th.

All students in the following classes please arrive at 2.30pm to the Baths Hall entrance prompt for registration:

Grade 1 Ballet & Tap (Friday)

Grade 2 Ballet & Tap (Wednesday)

Grade 3 Ballet & Tap (Thursday)

Grade 4 & 5 Ballet & Tap (Wednesday)

All seniors (Wednesday)

Street Dance (Both Thursday Classes)

Contemporary (Thursday)

Musical Theatre (Friday, Mrs Goode 4pm class only)


All students in the following classes please arrive at 4.00pm prompt:

Babies class Wednesday 4pm & Saturday 9.30am

Beginners Street Dance Saturday 9.45am

Prep & Primary Ballet (Tuesday 4pm & Saturday 10.45am)

Junior Jazz (Tuesday 5.30pm)


A.Please register with Lois, once you have registered your child one of our chaperones will take them to their designated dressing room and look after them.  PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED BACKSTAGE or in THE AUDITORIUM whilst dress rehearsal is going on.


Q. Do I have to pick my child up from the theatre after the dress rehearsal and bring them back before the show?

A. No we are having a giant picnic! Please make sure that they come with a packed tea and drink.


Q. What time does the show start on Saturday evening?

A. The show will start at 7.15pm, during which time all children will remain backstage with our chaperones, and all children including the little ones this time, will be performing in the finale.  


Q. When and where do I collect my child?

A. Times are approximate, the show should last around 2 hours including interval, please be patient whilst we get all children ready, we have a cast of over 120!  Please collect your child from where you registered them in at the Baths Hall Door.



Sunday 19th January

Q. Is there another Dress Rehearsal on this day?

A. No we are only performing the one show today.


Q What time does my child have to arrive?

A. Please ‘register in’ with Lois/Alison at 1.45pm prompt on Sunday.


Q. What time does the show start?

A. The show will start at 3pm.


Q. What time can I collect my child?

A. Children will be ready to be collected once the show has finished (the exact time will be up at registration; we estimate around 5.30pm) and from the same place as you dropped off.  

Please note we cannot let children out of our care without being ‘registered out’ due to safeguarding of all children.